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Tom & Lisa Wood Welcome you to the Timeless Tavern & Inn

Inspired chef Lisa graduated college with a degree in Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management. Upon graduation Lisa obtained her first job out of college at the Ward’s Brass Rail formerly in Northville, NY working in every area of the restaurant: cooking, waiting tables and bartending.


Master mixologist Tom had no restaurant experience and had never bartended before. However, Tom’s parents had owned a few successful restaurants throughout his childhood – instilling Tom with his natural affinity for restaurant ownership.

The couple decided they wanted to open their own restaurant. They purchased the former Ward’s Brass Rail restaurant and hotel in May of 2004 with the intention of creating a tavern and inn inspired by its history. At first, they rented the upstairs inn as apartments, but in 2007 they completely renovated the inn into 6 gorgeous new rooms. The downstairs restaurant was re-done in a warm rustic style with historical decor.

Today the Timeless Tavern & Inn is a central piece of downtown Northville and an unforgettable evening for an occasion.

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